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COVID Prevention

August 6th, 2021

We strongly encourage staff, residents, and family members to get vaccinnated. The majority of staff and residents are vaccinated. All staff and residents are tested every 2 weeks. Individuals are tested sooner if they have symptoms. We carefully follow state recommended safety practices.

Vaccination, masks, social distancing, and other prevention measures continue to be important. The new strain of COVID is in Longview.

Thank you for your cooperation. We appreciate you.


COVID Update – Good News

February 16th, 2021

Staff and residents are tested often. There are no known cases of COVID at Somerset or New Westside Terrace. Staff and residents are well.

Our safety measures have been effective. We will continue following proper safety procedures (frequent testing, temp checks, masks, social distancing, etc) until COVID is over. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Staff and residents received their 2nd Phizer COVID vaccine Sun, Feb 7.

Things are going well. Let’s keep up the good work!






COVID Update – Good News!

February 4th, 2021

Staff and residents are receiving their 2nd dose of Phizer COVID vaccine on…

Tuesday, Feb 2 from 11AM to 5 PM at New Westside Terrace Retirement and Assisted Living in Longview WA. If you have questions, please call 360-423-9392.

Sunday, Feb 7 from 11AM to 5 PM at Somerset Retirement and Assisted Living Longview WA. If you have questions, please call 360-423-7392.


The FDA website says 2nd dose of Phizer COVID vaccine is expected to give a significant level of immunity starting 3 weeks AFTER 2nd shot.


We test staff and residents regularly. There are no known cases of COVID at our facilities.

We want to stay COVID free. We will continue to follow COVID prevention safety protocols (masks, social distancing, restricted visitation, etc) until COVID is over. We ask for your ongoing cooperation and understanding. Our safety policies have been effective, and will be even more effective after vaccine starts to provide significant partial immunity (3 weeks after 2nd shot).

Note: Vaccination is expected to provide significant partial immunity, not complete immunity. This is why we must continue good safety practices until COVID is over. Keeping your loved ones safe is our top priority.


We continue having many weekly activities, including arts and crafts, entertainment, and exercise classes (safely done). We are safely maintaining a good quality of life for residents.

Staff and residents are still enjoying life and having fun, as you can see in other posts.


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