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Most Google and Facebook reviews were posted by residents’ family members, visitors, visiting entertainers, and various health care professionals and businesses that visit Somerset in the course of their business.

Occasionally, a computer literate resident/senior submits Somerset a review themselves directly to Google or Facebook.

Most Somerset residents are seniors who don’t have a computer or smart phone, but many still want to submit their reviews in hand-written form. Residents’ hand-written reviews are typed by Somerset staff and submitted below. We keep the reviews word-for-word accurate to say what residents wrote.

Arlene K. – I appreciate the friendly and helpful communication of the people who work at Somerset, the services provided (medical, entertainment, meals, etc). I feel the food is nutritious and prepared great. They always give me an alternative to the main dish. Somerset looks at people as individuals and meets our individual needs.

John B – My wife and I toured several retirement apartments in 2004. We were invited to dinner at Somerset and liked it. Somerset was the best place we visited. We moved in during 2005 and have lived here 6 years so far, and plan to stay here. I enjoy the men’s coffee club and the camera club, which hold meetings here, attended by local people. The food is good. The salad bar is out of this world. It has lots of variety of delicious things. I especially enjoy the carrot salad. The paging system works well for calling caregivers for help as needed. I very much appreciate the nurses here. I enjoy living at Somerset!

Orlene P – I have been a resident at Somerset for over a year and have found everyone friendly and helpful. My children no longer worry about me when they travel because they know I am secure at Somerset. I wish I had moved here sooner.

Betty C – I like the employees because they enjoy working with seniors and really care about us. I enjoy the activities. We have a good variety of activities here and go on day trips too. They offer an excellent variety of good food. The caregivers really care about me and do a great job. I have lived here 3 years. I am very happy here. I especially appreciate them letting me have my little dog here.

Evelyn K – I have lived at Somerset for 10 years. My apartment is very cozy and just the right size. I appreciate the dining room staff. They accommodate my food allergies by providing alternate food choices. I appreciate the owner and his family taking the time to talk with me and address my needs. I think it is wonderful that there are so many activities for residents.

Doris VH – Everyone is so nice and I am thankful to have such good friends here.

Mildred S – I feel like I have come home. I moved away from Longview 42 years ago. I moved back to Longview and now in Somerset. I am happy here.

Jim W – I am very pleased with the personnel here and the living conditions.

Evelyn Smith – I am very satisfied here at Somerset. I like the food and enjoy everyone’s company. People don’t hibernate in their rooms here, which is good. Everyone is friendly and helpful. I also enjoy the fun morning exercise program.

Magda H – I came to Somerset with depression and as soon as I moved in, I loved the atmosphere. I am very satisfied and no longer depressed. The staff are terrific. We have lots of activities. They bring me my pills and answer my questions. I have nothing but good things to say about Somerset.

Trila H – I am a very happy camper at Somerset.

Dolly M – I am glad I moved here. I had been living alone for many years after my husband’s death. It feels like family here.

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