Classic Car Show Parade

Let’s have fun and help our seniors have fun too. Social distancing and masks are required (if you get out of car or near seniors) to protect our seniors. We appreciate your cooperation and participation.

Please bring your classic car or street rod to Lowe’s parking lot Sept 3rd at 1:15 PM to form a car parade.

The parade will then drive from Lowes to Somerset Retirement Home parking lot at 2025 Tibbetts Drive (near OBHway Dairy Queen and OBHway Fibre Credit Union) to entertain seniors at Somerset.

After entertaining seniors at Somerset, the parade will then drive to New Westside Terrace Retirement Home at 1200 17th Ave (behind 15th Ave Safeway) to entertain seniors at New Westside Terrace.

This activity and your participation are important to our seniors during normal times, and even more important during COVID times because in Summer 2020 our seniors aren’t getting their usual summer field-trips and outings.

Safe outdoor activities with social distancing (and masks required) are essential for keeping our senior’s quality of life as happy as possible during summer 2020 while also keeping them safe from COVID.

You’re making our seniors lives better. Thank you for your participation!


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